Handcrafted Home Decor


Cape Maybee Company is a locally rooted business specializing in hand-crafted home decor made from locally sourced materials. This case study delves into the successful implementation of a digital marketing and social media management strategy that elevated Cape Maybee Company’s brand, fostered a sense of community, and propelled local craftsmanship into the spotlight.


The primary objectives of the digital marketing and social media management campaign were:

  • Establish Cape Maybee Company as a local authority in hand-crafted home decor.
  • Attract consumers looking to support local businesses and bring unique, locally sourced decor into their homes.
  • Showcase the craftsmanship and artistry behind the products, emphasizing the use of local materials.
  • Drive website traffic, engagement, and conversions for the hand-crafted home decor.


Target Audience: The campaign strategy began by identifying key target audiences:

  • Local Residents: Individuals interested in unique, hand-crafted home decor that reflects their community and supports local businesses.
  • Home Decor Enthusiasts: Individuals seeking distinctive and locally inspired pieces to enhance their living spaces.
  • Eco-Conscious Consumers: Those who value environmentally friendly practices and appreciate products made from locally sourced materials.


Branding and Messaging: A distinct brand identity was developed, positioning Cape Maybee Company as a champion of local craftsmanship and community support. Messaging highlighted the company’s dedication to creating beautiful decor pieces that capture the essence of the region.

Social Media Platforms: The strategy leveraged social media platforms popular among home decor enthusiasts and local communities:

  • Instagram: Utilized for showcasing visually appealing images of hand-crafted decor pieces in various local settings, emphasizing their uniqueness and connection to the community.
  • Facebook: Created a local community space where residents could share their decor stories, engage in discussions, and learn about upcoming products.


Content Strategy: Content was tailored to resonate with the target audiences:

  • Local Residents:
    • Blog posts featuring stories of local artisans, their inspirations, and the materials they use.
    • Behind-the-scenes videos showcasing the creation process of decor pieces and the local sourcing of materials.
    • Collaborations with local influencers and residents who could share their experiences with Cape Maybee Company’s decor in their homes.
  • Home Decor Enthusiasts:
      • Detailed product descriptions highlighting the craftsmanship, locally sourced materials, and the unique story behind each piece.
      • Inspirational mood boards featuring Cape Maybee Company’s products and how they can be incorporated into various home settings.
      • DIY tutorials demonstrating how to personalize and style the hand-crafted decor for different spaces.
  • Eco-Conscious Consumers:
        • Infographics and blog posts outlining the eco-friendly practices employed by Cape Maybee Company in sourcing and creating their products.
        • Videos discussing the benefits of using locally sourced materials and their positive impact on the environment.
        • Collaborations with local environmental organizations to underscore Cape Maybee Company’s commitment to sustainability.


Paid Advertising: Paid advertising efforts aimed to expand the reach and impact of the campaign:

  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: Targeted ads featuring visually appealing decor pieces, emphasizing their local origins and craftsmanship, aimed at both local residents and home decor enthusiasts.


Implementation and Results:

Brand Awareness: The campaign significantly enhanced Cape Maybee Company’s brand awareness, evident through increased engagement, mentions, and discussions across social media platforms.

Community Engagement: Engagement metrics indicated high interest and interaction within the community. Comments, shares, and direct messages demonstrated the content’s impact on residents and home decor enthusiasts.

Website Traffic and Conversions: The campaign led to a considerable increase in website traffic, with many visitors exploring the range of hand-crafted decor products offered by Cape Maybee Company.

Positive Feedback: Feedback from customers underscored the value of Cape Maybee Company’s locally inspired and crafted decor pieces in creating unique and meaningful living spaces.


The digital marketing and social media management strategy executed for Cape Maybee Company effectively positioned the brand as a local champion of craftsmanship and community support. By curating relevant content, utilizing paid advertising, and fostering engagement, the campaign succeeded in reaching and resonating with both the local community and broader home decor enthusiasts. The case study highlights the integral role of digital marketing in building a brand, fostering engagement, and delivering tangible value within the local business landscape.

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