Strategic Pivot


Service Duel (currently under development) is a lead generation platform designed to facilitate the process of finding repairs and services for boaters by connecting them with competing service providers. To help Service Duel achieve its goals of expanding its user base and increasing service providers’ subscriptions, a comprehensive digital marketing and social media management strategy was developed and implemented.

Core Functionality

The platform operates through a conversational form where boaters input details pertinent to their repair or service needs. This user-friendly approach ensures that all relevant information is captured accurately. Once the request is submitted, it is forwarded to subscribed marine service providers and operate within the geographical location specified by the boat owner.

Founders Role

As the founder of Service Duel, I have been involved in every aspect of its creation, from the initial strategizing to the design and execution of the platform. This hands-on approach has resulted in a product that is closely aligned with the needs of the target audience – boat owners seeking reliable, fairly priced repair and service providers.

Marketing Strategy

The strategy began by identifying two key target audiences:
• Boaters
• Service Providers

Branding & Messaging
A consistent brand identity was developed for Service Duel, focusing on attributes like reliability, efficiency, and convenience. Messaging highlighted how Service Duel simplifies the process of finding the best service providers and obtaining competitive quotes.

Social Media Platforms

The strategy involved utilizing platforms popular among boaters and businesses alike:

  1. Facebook: Utilized for creating a community around boating enthusiasts and sharing engaging content related to boating, maintenance tips, and success stories from using Service Duel.
  2. Instagram: Used for sharing visually appealing content, including boating images, service provider spotlights, and user testimonials.
  3. LinkedIn: Targeted service providers with content highlighting the benefits of subscribing to Service Duel, such as access to a wider customer base and the potential for increased business.


Paid Advertising: Paid advertising campaigns were designed to reach a broader audience and drive conversions. Strategies included:

  1. Facebook and Instagram Ads: Targeted ads to boating enthusiasts, highlighting the benefits of using Service Duel for hassle-free repairs.
  2. LinkedIn Ads: Targeted service providers with content focused on potential business growth and increased leads by subscribing to Service Duel.


Implementation and Results:

  1. Brand Awareness: Over the course of the campaign, Service Duel’s social media presence expanded significantly. Followers grew across platforms, with engagement rates rising due to informative and visually appealing content.
  2. User Engagement: User engagement was evident through likes, shares, comments, and direct messages. The community aspect of the campaign fostered discussions, user-generated content, and a sense of belonging among boaters.
  3. Service Provider Subscriptions: Service providers were successfully enticed to subscribe to Service Duel due to the clear value proposition showcased in content and ads. This resulted in a steady increase in service provider sign-ups and platform utilization.
  4. User Acquisition: The campaign’s user acquisition efforts resulted in a notable increase in boaters using Service Duel to find repair and service solutions, highlighting the effectiveness of the digital marketing strategy.


The digital marketing and social media management strategy implemented for Service Duel effectively increased brand awareness, user engagement, and service provider subscriptions. By tailoring content to the interests of boaters and service providers, and utilizing multiple social media platforms, Service Duel managed to position itself as a reliable and beneficial platform within the boating community. The case study demonstrates how a well-executed digital marketing strategy can have a positive impact on brand growth and customer engagement.

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