Digital Guides for Short-Term Rentals


Shore Property Guide, a forward-thinking startup, offers a unique solution for property owners in the short-term rental market. By providing custom-made property guides, the company streamlines property management and enhances guest experiences. This case study highlights the successful implementation of a digital marketing and social media management strategy that propelled Shore Property Guide into a leading player in the vacation rental industry.

Product Capabilities

Our comprehensive property guides serve as a one-stop source of information for guests, providing them with all the details they need about the property, its amenities, local attractions, house rules, and more. These guides are tailored to each property, ensuring that the information provided is accurate, relevant, and easy to understand.

The benefits of using our guides are significant. Homeowners who use our guides report a reduction in calls, texts, and complaints from guests by up to 60%. This not only saves time and effort for the homeowners but also leads to better reviews and higher guest satisfaction.

Key Features

Our guides feature detailed property descriptions, clear instructions on how to use various appliances and amenities, Wi-Fi details, emergency contact numbers, check-in and check-out procedures, and recommendations for local attractions and eateries. The guides are available in both digital and print formats, catering to the preferences of all guests.

Origin & Journey

The idea for Shore Property Guide originated from my personal experience as a short-term rental property manager. I noticed that a significant amount of time was spent addressing repetitive queries and resolving minor issues that could easily be prevented with a comprehensive guide. Seeing this gap in the market, I founded Shore Property Guide.

As the founder and operator, I have been hands-on in shaping the company’s direction and product offerings. From researching the needs of homeowners and guests to designing the layout of the guides, every step has been a labor of love. The positive feedback from clients validates our approach and fuels our passion for delivering exceptional service.

Marketing Strategy

Goals: The primary objectives of the digital marketing and social media management campaign were:

  • Establish the brand as a trusted industry authority in the short-term rental space.
  • Attract property owners seeking to improve guest experiences and streamline property management.
  • Showcase the tangible benefits of using custom property guides, such as reduced communication and improved guest satisfaction.
  • Drive website traffic, engagement, and conversions for the property guide services.


    Target Audience:
    The campaign strategy began by identifying two main target audiences:

    Property Owners: Individuals who own short-term rental properties and are seeking solutions to streamline property management and enhance guest experiences.

    Property Managers and Vacation Rental Companies: Entities responsible for managing multiple vacation rental properties and looking for tools to improve efficiency and guest satisfaction.

    Branding and Messaging: A coherent brand identity was developed, focusing on Shore Property Guide as an innovator in guest experience enhancement and property management. Messaging highlighted the company’s commitment to simplifying communication and elevating guest stays.

    Social Media Platforms: The strategy leveraged social media platforms popular among property owners, managers, and the vacation rental community.

    Instagram: Utilized for visually showcasing before-and-after scenarios of properties using the guides, highlighting the transformation and improved guest experiences.

    Facebook: Created a community space for property owners and managers to engage in discussions, share insights, and learn about the benefits of custom property guides.

    Content Strategy:
    Content was crafted to resonate with the target audiences:

    Property Owners:

    • Blog posts on topics like improving guest experiences, reducing communication overhead, and maximizing property ROI.
    • Case studies featuring real-life examples of property owners who achieved significant benefits using Shore Property Guide’s services.
    • Video testimonials from property owners sharing their success stories and how the guides positively impacted their rental business.

      Property Managers and Vacation Rental Companies:

      • Whitepapers or downloadable resources highlighting the operational advantages of using custom property guides.
      • Infographics showcasing data on how streamlined communication leads to improved guest satisfaction and higher occupancy rates.
      • Webinars demonstrating the integration of property guides into property management systems.Paid Advertising: Paid advertising efforts aimed to amplify the reach of the campaign:

        Facebook and Instagram Ads: Targeted ads featuring case studies and success stories, emphasizing the positive impact of the guides on guest experiences and property management.

Implementation and Results:

Brand Authority: The campaign contributed significantly to establishing Shore Property Guide as a credible authority in the vacation rental industry, as evidenced by increased engagement, mentions, and discussions across social media platforms.

  1. Engagement Metrics: Engagement metrics reflected high interest and interaction within the community. Comments, shares, and direct messages indicated that the content resonated with property owners and managers.
  2. Website Traffic and Conversions: The campaign led to a notable surge in website traffic, with an increasing number of property owners exploring the services and benefits of custom property guides.
  3. Positive Feedback: Feedback from property owners and managers underscored the effectiveness of the property guides in enhancing guest experiences, reducing communication overhead, and improving overall operational efficiency.


The digital marketing and social media management strategy executed for Shore Property Guide effectively positioned the brand as a pioneer in enhancing guest experiences and simplifying property management in the short-term rental industry. By crafting targeted content, utilizing paid advertising, and fostering community engagement, the campaign succeeded in reaching and resonating with property owners and managers alike. The case study highlights the pivotal role of digital marketing in building a brand, fostering engagement, and delivering tangible value within the vacation rental sector.

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